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Seiji Narimiya 「成宮誠二」(16)  - Seiji, the main protagonist and narrator, believes in the magic of music and has a fiery but undecisive personality. Eventually, his experiences forces him to reconsider his idea of the world and to grow up.


Aoi Uchida 「内田あおい」(16) - Aoi is a gentle and quiet soul, a student and pianist, and balances Seiji's raw emotions and impulsive nature. She is Seiji's childhood friend and finally responded to his confession on White Day three years ago.


Airu Kobayashi「小林愛る」(16) - When Airu meets Seiji, his life is changed forever. Airu is a strong charismatic energy who knows what she wants and knows how to get it. But behind her facade, she may have a weak and secretive side after all.


Yuya Uchida 「内田優也」(25) - Aoi's wise older brother is a guitarist in a rock band, Eden, that tours around live houses in Japan. Aside from his music, he has always treated Seiji and his friends like family.


Akira Watanabe「渡辺明」(16) - One of Seiji's friends who has a deeper darker side.


Takashi Okada「岡田タカシ」(17) - Takashi is Seiji's best friend since childhood.

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