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There are many people who have been a part of Secondhand Memories' ground-breaking history, who have supported and believed in the project and the cell phone novel movement since the beginning, and those who have been a part of my personal life as a friend.


First I must thank God for bringing me through thick and thin, opening doors, and gifting me with various intuitive talents and passions in the arts, and the compassion to reach out to people in the world. All of these truly are by no coincidence in my blood. Thank you to my parents, who have built up in me firm values and fundamental beliefs that prevail through the messages in my work, and have given the room to make mistakes, explore and excel through my journey in life.


Thank you to Stan Soper, the founder of and literary agent, whom without, we would never have had a sanctuary that recognized and encouraged cell phone novels and its culture. Thank you to Derek Vasconi for eMobo, Sakura, and having always been passionate about Secondhand Memories, Japanese culture, and cell phone novels. To my editor Quentin and other staff,  that had spent some time on this experimental manuscript. Thank you to the talented Collateral Damage Studios, creator of the Internet Explorer Inori Aizawa anime mascot, for their book cover illustrations. Joseph Simon has also always been in correspondence and believed in me and the cell phone novel culture, being constantly passionate and innovative with publication ideas or multimedia. Thank you to B.W. Powe, my professor, who has always been of great inspiration and encouragement, as well as his help in 2013 in my growth and maturity beyond my secretive cell phone novelist life, giving me the creative enlightenment and a new opportunity as a full-fledged writer of prose literary fiction. Thank you to "hectibus" the translator of Japanese cell phone novels in 2008, who inspired me to write the first original English cell phone novel. I'd like to recognize Jack and Mary who had written their Master's thesis on cell phone novels and interviewed me, as well for all the interviewers or events organizers, past and recent, who believed in this innovative movement and gave me an opportunity to share. Also would like to mention Wattpad and its staff, who had more recently given me the next platform to grow as a writer of literary fiction, and confirm my ability, dedication and leadership, beyond my cell phone novel accomplishments.


Thank you to Amanda (hengbok) from Brazil, who hopped on board and became the second cell phone novelist on Textnovel, and Charlotte (Lady Charlotte), the third, after Secondhand Memories. Thank you to Gummy (Forever Midnight), who has been a wonderful friend, supporter and an equally talented cell phone novelist. Thank you to Jolene, a reader from a long time ago. Thank you to all newer friends, fellow writers, long term fans, and my beloved "kids" that I am responsible for inspiring: Kagurez, Opum, Ayane Nanami, Akirei, Shizame, CCshoelaces, HigurashiAi, Wasabi, Lumina Astri, Clover, Hime-chan, nashipo, EllieCue, Crystalfur, Natasha, Kuukai, writerings, fabrication, Wren, Nora Wright, Makage, Ergelina, Riviere, nagareboshi, Sakuna, Amu, Niko, Arata, and many more. You are all dear to me and have shown me the full potential of what I had started and what our tech-savvy culture truly means: friendship and creativity without discrimination or physical limitations.


There are countless others who have been part of the journey, both in my life and my writing. I wish you many inspirations and blessings, as you have blessed me.


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